Video on AML Training Program

Video on AML Training Program

The video provides essential insights into the coverage of the AML training program. In order to succeed in fighting financial crimes, the reporting entity must get support from the top management and the employees. The employees must know various typologies and red flags to counter money laundering and terrorist financing. In this video, we will look at the critical topics that must be included in the AML training program of the entity.

  • What is ML/TF, typologies, red flags, case studies
  • AML/CFT laws and regulations in the UAE
  • International organisations – FATF, UNSC, MENAFATF, etc.
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment
  • AML/CFT Policy, Procedures, and Controls
  • KYC, CDD, EDD, Customer Risk Assessment
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Regulatory reporting requirements
  • Governance Structure
  • Sanctions compliance
  • Record-keeping requirements


  • 0:00 Introduction on Defeating Financial Crime
  • 0:43 Aspects of AML training program
  • 0:53 ML/FT Concepts
  • 1:01 AML regulations in UAE
  • 1:08 International efforts to fight ML/FT
  • 1:16 goAML Registration
  • 1:21 Business Risk Assessment
  • 1:30 Customer Onboarding
  • 1:40 Enhanced Due Diligence
  • 1:50 Ongoing Monitoring
  • 1:59 Suspicious transactions
  • 2:15 Record Keeping
  • 2:23 Roles and responsibility of the compliance officer
  • 2:30 AML Compliance program and governance
  • 2:45 TFS Implementation
  • 2:54 Reporting with FIU
  • 3:04 Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  • 3:14 Conclusion

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