AML Software Selection

AML Software Selection

AML software selection is a very crucial aspect of your overall AML compliance strategy. Selection of the right AML compliance software is very important since it facilitates your business’s capability to be completely compliant with the AML, CFT, and KYC requirements.

Organizations in UAE are required to comply with AML and KYC laws and rules to remain in compliance with the regulatory requirements. They are also required to develop AML/CFT frameworks for their business processes, identify suspicious transactions of money laundering, form an AML compliance department, and train their employees for risk profiling. All these measures taken by organizations help them in achieving compliance with AML and CFT laws.

All of these capabilities require the help of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software. AML software enables organizations to comply with the legal requirements created to fight financial crime in the world. Adoption of the right AML software is a part of the AML strategy and AML compliance program to identify suspicious transactions, clients, and business partners.

AML UAE provides AML Screening Solutions in UAE to help you remain compliant with the requirements of AML Law.

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Let us help you find the best sanctions screening software providers in UAE

AML software selection process just got smarter, easier, clearer, efficient, and appropriate for your needs.

AML Software Selection

AML Name Screening Software

AML UAE is a proficient provider of AML/CFT compliance services for organizations in UAE. We understand the money laundering threats that businesses face, and therefore, assist you with all the AML and CFT-related services. We have the knowledge and expertise in understanding the features and benefits of AML compliance software available in the UAE market. Based on your AML needs, AMLUAE assists you in selecting the best AML software that reduces your cost and time in achieving compliance. We help you find software that covers relevant data, provides updates, identifies risks, and monitors transactions so that you remain safe from any AML/CFT Risks.

AMLUAE has a good network of AML software and solution providers that excel in their offerings and provide feature-rich, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that align with the general AML-CFT and KYC compliance needs. Our team of business analysts, technology enthusiasts, and regulators understand the basic needs of AML software – transaction monitoring, compliance with AML regulations, and assessment of customers and suppliers and, therefore, suggest solutions accordingly to shift you from non-compliance to compliance.

AML Screening Software Selection

Helping you with AML software selection that streamlines your AML, CFT, and KYC compliance procedures.

Our process of selecting the appropriate AML Software

Selecting the right AML software is a crucial decision for any organization since it will be in use for several years to make you remain compliant with AML requirements day-in and day-out. We apply the following steps for the selection of AML transaction monitoring software for your business.

Requirement analysis icon

Requirement analysis

Our first step is to understand your business and needs in terms of AML and CFT compliance. The AML guidelines for financial and non-financial businesses are different; hence, the AML needs also change based on your industry, business size, and operations. We understand these needs from all the stakeholders of the AML process and the top management, who will give the required approval. We also try to understand your budget or help you prepare a budget for AML Sanctions Screening Software if required.

BRD icon

Prepare a Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Once we understand your business’s AML needs, we start preparing a list of the features expected in the Anti Money Laundering Solutions. Generally, the features remain common and help any business in achieving compliance with AML requirements; however, there is a possibility of slight customization in the AML Software that can give the client a competitive advantage. We include all your functional and non-functional requirements in the Business Requirements Document (BRD).

AML software vendors icon

Search relevant AML software vendors

With the information on business requirements and budget, we search for possible Anti-Money Laundering Software vendors that provide the required features within the budget. We communicate with several AML Software providers, make a list of potential vendors, discuss their offers, features, reference customers, support services, implementation charges, make a comparison chart, and shortlist 2-3 vendors for software demonstrations.

Conduct software demos icon

Conduct software demos

With the client's internal team, we look at the AML software demos to check for the quality of the AML software and its alignment with the AML compliance needs of the company. We score them on various points along with the support they would provide in implementation and post-implementation aspects.

Help in decision making icon

Help in decision-making

After looking at all the AML KYC Screening software demos, we help you decide on the AML software selection that best suits your requirements. The key criteria to look at while taking a decision are features of the software, alignment with your AML needs, implementation support, relevant training, ROI, pricing, and risks.

Negotiation and signing icon

Negotiation and signing of agreements

We help you in choosing the add-ons and support services for the anti-money laundering software. We aid you in negotiation with the AML screening software vendor so that you get the best deal out of it and derive value for your AML compliance requirements. We also provide support in creating software agreement documents for parties involved.

FAQs - Anti-Money Laundering Software Selection

Financial sectors and other sectors can use AML software that helps them comply with the AML/CFT regulations of their jurisdiction. These can be client screening software, transaction screening software, or AML transaction monitoring software. There is plenty of software for AML screening available in the market.


AML Software selection plays a crucial role in your overall AML compliance strategy. 

  • The best KYC Software available in the market collects and stores customer information (KYC, CDD, EDD)
  • The KYC software verifies customer information
  • AML Screening Software helps you Profile risks associated with customers
  • AML Sanctions Screening Software helps you screen customers against a sanctions list
  • KYC Compliance Software helps you dig out more information about PEPs
  • AML Monitoring software keeps a constant check on your business transactions and provides you alerts in case of any suspicion. 

AML Software implemented on an enterprise-wide basis turns out to be cost-effective and enhances the efficiency and consistency of your AML compliance efforts. Further, enterprise-wide KYC compliance software helps you maintain your customer database at one central place. AML Screening Solutions in UAE are available on the cloud, and they are available 24×7.

As per Guidance on Targeted Financial Sanctions issued by the Executive Office of the Committee for Goods Subject to Import and Export Control  (EOCN), DNFBPS and FIs must undertake ongoing and daily checks to the following databases to identify possible matches with names listed in the Sanctions Lists issued by the UN List or the UAE Local Terrorist List:

  1. Existing customer databases.
  2. Names of parties to any transactions.
  3. Potential customers.
  4. Beneficial owners.
  5. Names of individuals or entities with direct or indirect relationships with them.
  6. Customers before conducting any transactions or entering a business relationship with any Person.
  7. Directors and/or agents acting on behalf of customers (including individuals with power of attorney).

Name Screening Software is a must to comply with the above requirements.

The AML Screening Software helps FIs, VASPs, and DNFBPs in UAE in the following way:

  • It helps screen customers, suppliers, and related parties against the UAE local terrorist list and sanction list maintained by the UNSC
  • It helps identify PEPs and individuals with a criminal history
  • It helps file PNMR and FFR reports with the FIU UAE

Need assistance to select AML software solutions to ensure AML compliance for your business?

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