AML/CFT Health Check

Protect your firm from Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing risks

The AML/CFT Health check will help you to understand where your entity stands in terms of applicable AML/CFT guidelines. This quick and easy solution will help your business to know that in which area immediate attention and improvements are required.

We value your time, and our experts will only need two hours of interaction with your Money Laundering Reporting Officer

AML software selection process just got smarter, easier, clearer, efficient, and appropriate for your needs.

How can we help?

The aim and objective of our AML/CFT Health Check Exercise are to evaluate and undertake:
Review of the existing AML framework to include but not limited to:-

o AML Policy and Procedure
o KYC/KYB Forms
o Screening
o Risk Profiling
o Records Management

Efficient. Reliable. Robust.

Helping you with AML Software Selection that streamlines your AML, CFT, and KYC compliance procedures.

We will provide you with our AML Health check report which would consist of:

High-level observation of the Firm’s AML Framework

Suggesting areas for process improvements, if any, to smoothen the AML process

Observations on the overall AML compliance level of the company.

Need assistance to select AML software for AML compliance of your business?

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