Top 10 Books on Anti-Money Laundering

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Top 10 Books on Anti-Money Laundering

1. Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering-Dennis Cox

Get details about the latest regulations and practical implementation guidance. This book will let you know how money laundering regulations are applied in practice. Understand the meaning of the regulations and the usability of the rules in real life. Get actionable guidance on combatting the money laundering challenges.

Click Here To Read Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering

2. The Cleaner-The True Story of one of the World’s Most Successful Money Launderers:- Bruce Aitken

With this book, get an insight into the criminal minds and how they work to launder money. The author is a conman and a criminal who does not admit that he did anything wrong and blames the government officials who tracked him down. The methods of money laundering will shock you and, at the same time, enthral you.

Click Here To Read The Cleaner Book

3. Criminal Capital - How the Finance Industry Facilitates Crime:- Stephen Platt

Do you want to know how financial products and the entire financial framework are misused to facilitate money laundering? Criminal Capital tells you how the financial system is misused and what can be done to prevent such rampant misuse.

Click Here To Read Criminal Capital Book

4. Enhanced Due Diligence- The Complete BSA/ AML Desktop Reference- by Howard Steiner (Author), Stephen L. Marini

Do you want to educate yourself about Enhanced Due Diligence- a critical component of the Anti-Money laundering compliance procedure? Well, this book should be your reference guide. Get acquainted with the customer risk assessment methods, and know about the policy procedures to develop a robust AML compliance program. The Desktop Reference includes sample EDD reviews and information that will help create an effective EDD program, employee training, and avoiding non-compliance.

Click Here To Read Enhanced Due Diligence

5. The Laundrymen: Inside the world’s third-largest Business- Jeffery Robinson

Now, if you know, are interested in learning what true crime is and how criminals indulge in money laundering and the importance of financial crime for their survival, you should get your hands on the book. The revelation can prove to be a wake-up call for the authorities who need to be ahead of the criminals to capture them.

Click Here To Read The Laundrymen

6. Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flow: Following the Money and Value Trails- John A. Cassara

The book sheds light on the old, new, and the latest innovative money laundering methods. It offers facts, case studies, explanations, and the author’s personal view- all are provided to give readers insider’s knowledge. John has already authored five books and written numerous articles on money laundering. Enrich yourself with all the valuable information on money laundering offered in this book.

Click Here To Read Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flow Book

7. The RegTech Book

The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries in Regulation by Janos Barberis, Douglas W. Arner, and Ross P. Buckley

Do you need guidance on innovation and technological advancement in the compliance sector? Get familiar with RegTech- regulatory technology to improve compliance reporting functions. The book offers valuable information to regulators, compliance professionals, and policymakers who can cue to apply regulatory technology to financial services and other sectors.

Click Here To Read The RegTech Book 

8. Money Laundering Prevention:

Deterring, Detecting, and Resolving Financial Fraud by Jonathan E. Turner.

This book spills the beans on money laundering, its identification and prevention, and resolving the rising cases of financial fraud. The book provides valuable information on the tools and mechanisms that can effectively recover the laundered money. The book offers compliance professionals, auditors, and investigators updated knowledge on identifying money laundering risks and investigating them successfully. Grab your copy to lay hands on invaluable information previously restricted to only criminal investigators.

Click Here To Read Money Laundering Prevention Book

9. Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing

A compliance guide for practitioners by Tim Parkman.

Do you want to get an in-depth assessment of the money laundering and terrorist financing challenges prevalent in the finance industry? This book can help you. It focuses on the critical role of financial institutions in fighting money laundering. Know how criminals are laundering their dirty money and get guidance on combatting the money laundering challenges. Get access to vast material of sample documents, checklists, and good training material.

Click Here To Read Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Book:

10. The Man Who Fooled Wall Street

Hollywood, and the World by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright

Best described as a story of white-collar crime on a global scale. Know how a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s s Wharton School of Business, Jho Low, was involved in fraud of a massive amount of money that has proved to be an enormous threat to the global financial system. The swindled money was used to fund elections, throw lavish parties, and even finance the Hollywood movie- The Wolf on the Wall Street. But the party ended in 2019, and Jho Low’s private yacht was seized and criminal charges imposed with investigations still going on by the U.S Department of Justice.

Click Here To Read The Man Who Fooled Wall Street Book:


Books are a great source of knowledge that enrich our minds and soul with a new perspective. Get acquainted with the evolving AML scenarios across the globe with books that provide in-depth knowledge. Get expert reviews on money laundering, the challenges posed, and the current scenarios. Also, you can get familiar with how the governments are trying to prevent this financial crime and the measures they have adopted to end it, which is a global concern. AML UAE is a prominent AML consultant with clientele from different industry verticals, offering an array of AML compliance services. Also Read goAML Registration Guide.

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