Tailoring AML Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experience in DPMS Sector

Tailoring AML Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experience in DPMS Sector

AML UAE helped a Dealer in Precious Metals and Stones (DPMS) business entity in the UAE to establish Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) strategies that enhanced its customer experience while maintaining compliance requirements. 

Our client has an established jewellery business in the DPMS sector. It deals with various customers and thus requires implementing effective AML/CFT measures for screening, KYC, and CDD, which also enhances the overall customer experience. The AML strategy was handled in a way that made customer engagement difficult, leading to a loss of customer base and reputation.

Tailoring AML Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experience in DPMS Sector

Customer Goals:

Our client, a prominent DPMS business entity, faced the issue of balancing AML regulations with operational efficiency. The client’s existing AML measures slowed down transactions and customer onboarding, which wasn’t ideal for user experience. Further, keeping the dynamic nature of financial crime in mind, the client had to stay alert and flexible with their compliance efforts while maintaining customer satisfaction.


While conducting CDD is essential for customer onboarding, it comes with its challenges. Following are a few reasons that made customers frustrated with CDD processes:

  • Lengthy and complex processes
  • Repetitive request
  • Delay in service
  • Confusion in process
  • Untrained employees
  • Negative customer experience
  • Data security and privacy

Our client faced issues balancing compliance with AML/CFT regulations while maintaining smooth operations and processes for customers.

Additionally, the existing AML procedures slowed down transactions and customer sign-ups. Plus, since the financial crime landscape is always changing, they had to stay alert and flexible with their compliance efforts.

This required implementing enhanced AML strategies for smooth customer experiences while adhering to the requirements of the AML/CFT regulatory framework

Legal Background:

The DPMS business entity was governed by:

The UAE’s DPMS sector is regulated by stringent AML/CFT regulations. Compliance requirements surrounding KYC and CDD lay down effective measures for combating illicit financial activities, including ML/FT and PF. Implementing these measures is mandated and also helps maintain trust with regulators and customers.

Solution Provided by AML UAE Team:

To optimise the customer onboarding process and ensure compliance with AML regulations, AML UAE carried out the following tasks:

  • We implemented DPMS-tailored protocols for customer risk assessment, considering that more than 90% of customers were retail customers.
  • We defined and developed a clear onboarding strategy for low, medium, and high-risk customers.
  • We established guidelines for customer identification and verification with a clear and realistic approach.
  • We implemented AML software to automate the customer onboarding process.
  • We set up data security measures while maintaining compliance.
  • We established communication and feedback channels for customers to deliver value and results.
  • We trained employees for effective AML compliance and enhanced customer onboarding processes.

By incorporating these enhancements into the regulated entity’s AML program, we strengthened the retail jewellery business’s ability to combat financial crimes while facilitating a seamless customer onboarding experience.

End Result:

With the implementation of our tailored AML strategies, the DPMS entity transformed its customer onboarding processes. Our solution provided strategies that focused on balancing compliance and customer experience.

The solution simplified the customer onboarding process and minimised friction, resulting in increased user satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, they observed 25% less offboarding.

Further, AML UAE’s tailored AML strategy enhanced the DPMS entity’s capability to strictly comply with AML regulations and manage risk proactively while maintaining a positive customer experience and safeguarding the company’s reputation.

The solution enhanced measures to detect and prevent financial crimes, including ML/FT, bolstering the integrity of the DPMS entity.

Our AML consulting service helped the client emerge as a trendsetter in the DPMS sector by employing new benchmarks for enhanced customer experience.

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