Top 15 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Podcasts

Top 15 Anti-Money Laundering Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of obtaining knowledge and getting updated on the latest information on your chosen subject at your convenience. AML professionals can use the AML podcasts to stay updated on the amendments in the AML rules and regulations. From basic concepts in the AML domain to complex terms and challenges in AML, get access to valuable information via AML podcasts. Let’s discuss the top AML podcasts that will prove helpful for AML professionals or any person who wants to get acquainted with the AML procedures. 

Top 15 Anti-Money Laundering Podcasts

1. AML Talk Show

The podcast will let you know the effectiveness of the global efforts to fight money laundering and prevent terrorist financing. The hosts’ Martin woods and Stephen Platt interview professionals working in the field of financial crime prevention. 

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2. Captivated Audience

This podcast is a result of the pandemic that impacted crime prevention professionals while working from home. The hosts talk to people across the globe and understand how they have adapted to the work from home scenario dealing with the challenges of detecting and preventing financial crimes.

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3. Dark Money Files

This podcast is presented by Graham Barrow and Ray Blake – professionals working to prevent financial crime and have helped organisations and institutions deal with the criminals abusing the financial system to fulfil their illegal requirements. It explains the layman about money laundering, its various forms, and implications. 

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4. Great Women in Compliance

As the name suggests, this podcast celebrates the achievements of women who have contributed to the AML compliance field and have broken down barriers to emerge as winners and as differentiators working relentlessly in the compliance field. Hear the interactive conversations of hosts Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine with several inspirational women. 

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5. Sanction Space

Sanction is a crucial aspect of AML compliance procedures. Get to know about sanctions – the prevalent trends and anecdotes and their implication on the presents sanctions scenario. Hear out Dr. Justine Walker, the head of the Global Sanctions and Risk at ACAMS and expert in implementing the global sanctions. 

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UAE National Risk Assessment

6. Suspicious Transaction Reports

People looking forward to getting in-depth knowledge of the STRs- Suspicious Transaction Reports, an essential element in the AML compliance process, can listen to this podcast. It is hosted by the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI. There are two parts to the episode- the first part provides a summarised version of the latest financial crime news, and the second part offers an in-depth insight into new financial crime research. 

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7. Bribe, Swindle, or Steal

The podcast with an interesting name is hosted by the president of Trace International, a non-profit that offers anti-bribery compliance support. The conversation steers towards white-collar crimes and preventative measures. Enrich your knowledge with experts in the field of prevention of financial crime, which includes money laundering, sanctions, and financial fraud. 

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8. AML Conversations

If you are interested in the vast field of AML compliance or you want to update your knowledge as an AML professional, you can tune in to this podcast. Get to know what is happening in the public and private sector and globally about the AML issue. John J. Bryne introduces industry experts in this podcast and connects with AML professionals.

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9. Coffee & Regs

This podcast features regulatory experts, industry partners, former compliance officers, and RegTech collaborators. The conversations produce valuable inputs on improving the operations and technology to get better results. The discussion proves helpful for financial firms to deal with the menace of money laundering and the complexities involved in existing global regulations and ways to strengthen them to combat financial crimes. 

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10. FinCrime Spotlight

The podcast throws light on the Fintech community and the measures taken to fight financial crimes. Hear from the best fintech companies and their personal and professional opinion on financial crime and their thoughts of how the problem would be in the future. 

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11. Rebank - Banking in the Future

If innovation excites you and you are interested in the financial industry, this podcast will interest you greatly. Learn how innovation, technological advancement, and social changes impact the financial services industry. Educate yourself on the top trends of the financial and banking sector. The podcast discusses the sector’s challenges and developments to combat them. 

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12. Suspicious Activity

Inside the FinCEN Files: FinCEN investigation has been a hot topic of the debate that has revealed how banks and regulatory authorities turned a blind eye to money laundering. The leaked documents revealed how more than $2 Tn transactions were made to launder illicit money globally. Get an in-depth insight into the leak and learn how the international banking system, whose operations were always top-secret, had a massive impact on the world economy. 

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13. Corruption Crime And Compliance

If you need an expert opinion in compliance, internal investigations, and enforcement, you need to hear Michael Volkov- a former federal prosecutor and a white-collar defense attorney. Listen to the veteran in the podcast, which focuses on the current events happening in financial crime. 

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14. C Notes

Ever wondered how AML professionals work and combat the challenges posed by money laundering. Learn about the contribution of these AML professionals and how they work towards achieving AML compliance. 

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15. Financial Crime Matters

If financial crime matters to you, you need to tune into this podcast hosted by Kieran Beer, Chief Analyst. Learn about the latest financial crimes and trending topics. Update your knowledge with interviews with leading professionals in the field of anti-financial crime. 

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The Bottom-line:

Get expert views on AML compliance and the challenges and measures to prevent this global financial crime of money laundering and terrorist financing. Podcasts enable you to learn new things and stay updated. Tune into the AML podcasts and enhance your knowledge about the fast-evolving AML compliance field. 

If you are looking forward to gaining in-depth knowledge of the AML compliance processes or want to benefit from the expertise of AML service providers, you can consider AML UAE – a top AML consultant in the UAE that offers a wide range of AML compliance services. 

Get access to a close-knit team of AML professionals, financial experts, compliance experts, economist, data scientists, law enforcement executives, and technology-savvy people – their expertise help businesses stay ahead of the curve. 

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