Partnership with Castellum.AI-Global Compliance Screening Solution

Compliance Screening Solution

Partnership with Castellum.AI - a Global Compliance Screening Solution

AML compliance made way more simple, efficient, and effective!

AML UAE is excited to announce that it has partnered with Castellum.AI.

Anti-Money Laundering SoftwareAML UAE is focused on assisting clients in complying with anti-money laundering regulations in UAE and the GCC countries. It has been offering a wide range of services on AML compliances in UAE, such as assistance in goAML registration, documenting the AML Policy, reporting suspicious transactions with FIU, selection of AML screening software, etc. On popular demand of our clients and to complete the offerings on AML, AML UAE has partnered with Castellum.AI, a global compliance screening solution.

The partnership with Castellum.AI adds a new dimension of world-class compliance capabilities to AML UAE’s offerings. Together, AML UAE and Castellum.AI will help DNFBPs, FIs, and VASPs comply with the sanctions screening requirements of the Cabinet Resolution No. 74 of 2020. Castellum.AI not only supports screening corporates and individuals against the sanctions but also a list of PEPs, law enforcement, export control, and other databases.

Pathik Shah, AML UAE’s Founder, said, “We are constantly looking for new ways to empower our clients in overcoming compliance hurdles and providing real-time protection against ML/TF risks. Sanctions compliance is crucial in the fight against financial crime, and technology plays a huge role in complying with the requirements of the law. Our partnership with Castellum.AI fills the gap we had in our service offering and makes AML UAE a one-stop solution for the compliance needs of our clients across various sectors.”

AML Software

“We strongly believe in Castellum.AI’s capabilities and patented technology enriched with 1000+ watch lists and global data on PEP as well as shelf companies. We are excited about our partnership with AML UAE and protecting businesses in UAE from compliance risks,” said Peter Piatetsky, CEO of Castellum.AI.

“Together, AML UAE and Castellum.AI make available the best of both worlds and bring a strong combination of expert advice and AML Software to help entities in UAE fight against money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes.”

On 3rd Nov. 2022, AML UAE conducted a webinar, jointly with Castellum.AI, on sanctions compliance requirements in the UAE. During the session, a brief walkthrough was given on a screening solution (Castellum.AI), discussing its features, capabilities, etc., necessary to stay compliant with sanctions requirements in the country. If you missed attending the webinar, you can watch the recording of the session below.


AML UAE is an AML compliance services provider specifically focusing on the UAE market. It is dedicated to improving the compliance of businesses in UAE with all the relevant anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism rules and regulations. AML UAE provides various services, including business risk assessment, AML/CFT policy documentation, in-house AML compliance department setup, AML training, AML/CFT health Check, regulatory reporting, and managed services for KYC and due diligence.

Contact: Pathik Shah – [email protected]

About Castellum.AI - A Global Compliance Screening Solution

Castellum.AI is a Public Benefit Corporation formed to organize the world’s compliance data and make it universally accessible, affordable, and useful. Today Castellum.AI empowers more than 1400 users and 400+ organizations to fight against the menace of financial crime. Its Investigator Platform supports more than 100 languages, and its watchlist database is updated every 5 minutes. It follows an AI-powered proprietary search algorithm providing relevant results without creating a flood of false positives.

Contact: Peter Piatetsky – [email protected]

A Global Compliance Screening Solution

To make your AML compliance simple, efficient, and effective.

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About the Author

Pathik Shah


Pathik is a Chartered Accountant with more than 25 years of experience in compliance management, Anti-Money Laundering, tax consultancy, risk management, accounting, system audits, IT consultancy, and digital marketing.

He has extensive knowledge of local and international Anti-Money Laundering rules and regulations. He helps companies with end-to-end AML compliance services, from understanding the AML business-specific risk to implementing the robust AML Compliance framework.