Video on Avoiding Risky Business Relationships UAE AML Law

Video on Avoiding Risky Business Relationships UAE AML Law

It is crucial to apply Customer Due Diligence measures to identify potential risks associated with an individual customer before establishing a business relationship.

If the individual is listed as designated by the UNSC Consolidated List’s UAE Local Terrorist List, the regulated organization is required to refuse their onboarding or, in the case of any current clients, to end the business relationship.

The regulated entity should not onboard the individual if they refuse to provide the information needed to complete the CDD measures or if they act in an evasive or uncooperative manner.

The regulated entity shall not enter into a business relationship in case owners cannot be recognised or have their identities confirmed. This restriction will lessen the abuse of legal structure and launder illicit activities.

It is prohibited for regulated entities to establish business relationships with fictitious banks that only exist on paper and with someone using a pseudonym or an anonymous basis.

The regulated entities need to include these limitations around business relationships in their AML framework and raise awareness among the compliance team.

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