Our Diligent Client Onboarding Practices

Compliance begins at Home: Our Diligent Client Onboarding Practices

AML UAE assists clients in setting up the best policies, procedures, and controls to fight financial crimes – money laundering and financing of terrorism and proliferation. Thus, as pioneers of AML practice amongst our clients, we exercise utmost due diligence while onboarding a client for AML Consultancy services. 

Our Client Acceptance Policy:

We offer a wide range of AML services – helping improvise the existing AML framework of the established entity and impart training or setting up a comprehensive AML program from scratch for a company newly registered with the goAML Portal. Irrespective of the scope of work or the value of our professional services, we adequately perform each client’s screening and due diligence to understand their non-compliance risk from AML’s perspective before establishing a business relationship for offering our AML support.  

Not just clients, we conduct necessary measures to understand the risk associated with associated business partners. Thus, we make the best possible efforts to understand the clients and third parties we engage with.  

We have a strict client onboarding compliance policy to not onboard any client or business partners for AML services where any suspicious elements are observed suggesting the purpose of obtaining our professional services is to conduct financial crimes rather than combatting them or where the parties showcase any malafide intentions. 

Liability Limitation: 

We offer our AML advisory to the clients and help them implement the AML compliance program as agreed in the scope of work. Owing to the agreed support, we engage with clients regularly to understand the status of their AML compliance and guide them around the effective maintenance of the overall AML policies and framework. However, AML UAE does not take any guarantee or responsibility for ensuring the proper implementation of the AML measures suggested to the clients. AML UAE does not undertake any management functions related to AML on behalf of the clients unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Our work deliverables depend solely on the information furnished to us by the clients and are based on the AML/CFT regulatory requirements applicable to the client at the time of delivery. The work products designed for a client are intended for use by clients. Reproduction of our work products would not impose any liability upon AML UAE. Our services are restricted to designing the policies, procedures, and controls considering the AML regulatory obligations and international best practices, which can help clients identify suspicious transactions if appropriately implemented. 

The content on our website is solely basis our understanding of the regulatory requirements and is not binding on any third person. 

AML UAE shall not be responsible for any action taken based on any textual, graphical, video or any other form of content available on our website.  

Misuse of our brand - AML UAE 

Despite our efforts to safeguard our brand – AML UAE, from being exploited by unwarranted elements, the possibility of its being misused by the cannot be ruled out. If you learn anything about such instances involving our company’s name, brand name, or reference to any of our team members, we request you to write us at [email protected] to confirm such association or references. 

AML UAE thrives on combating money laundering and terrorism financing by assisting clients with required AML Support and doing its bit in this international fight by demonstrating a solid client onboarding process. 

Last updated: February 2024

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